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Exciting news!

We have upgraded to new forum software.

If you have an account that was registered at the old forum before 20 Feb 2020, you can use your email address and password from the old forum to log in. Alternatively, simply create a new account.

New Lumion Community forum

Click here if you need to visit the old forum:

Old Lumion forum

1. Can you still get support at the new forum?

No, support is not available at the new forum.

If you need support or have an unresolved issue at the old forum, you should contact us or your local Lumion partner.

Contact Us

2. What will happen to your old forum account?

If your old forum account was created before the 20th of February 2020, your display name, email address and password have been transferred to your new Lumion account so that you can log in using the same email address and password as at the old forum.

  • It is no longer possible to make changes to your account settings or to retrieve/change your password at the old forum.
  • Special characters, e.g. @, have been stripped from your display name at the new forum. However, you can change it to your liking on your new Lumion account page.
  • Your Karma points and the number of posts you made at the old forum have been converted to special Trophy points at the new forum.

If your old forum account was created after the 20th of February 2020, you will have to create a new Lumion Account.

3. What will happen to your posts at the old forum?

The old forum will still be accessible after we switch to the new forum software. This should give you a chance to get used to the new support services. After a few weeks, it will no longer be possible to post Topics at the old forum and you will be expected to use the new forum or contact us directly for support (see 1 above) from then on.

Please note that it won’t be possible to automatically transfer any of the forum topics from the old forum to the new forum.

If you want to transfer your best renderings to the new forum, you will have to copy-paste the text from the original forum topic to a new forum thread. Renderings must be attached to the new forum thread manually.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

4. Why are we upgrading the forum software?

The new forum software is part of a broader upgrade of our support offerings which will make it possible to provide even better support in the future.

The new Lumion Community forum has been designed with you, our users, in mind.

This is the place to discuss all things Lumion with other Lumion users, showcase your designs, upload and download Lumion assets and much more.

Here are some of the features that the new forum software supports:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Embeddable social media posts, videos etc.
  • Higher-resolution attachments (max 7860×4320 pixels).
  • Large file attachments (max 20 MB).
  • Resources section for sharing and downloading Lumion ProjectsLumion Materials etc.
  • A dedicated Featured Lumion renderings & movies gallery with ratings.
  • Conversations (Built-in messaging system), Reactions (Likes) and much more.